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The Junior Board of Rock Island
P.O. Box 6041
Rock Island, IL 61204-6041

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The Executive Committee

The Junior Board’s new officers for 2017-2018 are Carrie McGuire, president; Jennifer Trimble, vice president; Leanne Thatcher, recording secretary; Jennie Sharer corresponding secretary; Maura Vroman, treasurer.

Other committee chairs are Sarah Liddell and Shellee Showalter, Mardi Gras chairs; Allison Haskill and Amanda Aunan, arrangements; Laura Sierra, provisional liaison; Felicia Knary, fund raising.  Along with Roberta Milas and Sara Wynn as Nest Chairs.

General Membership

Membership is limited to 55 people each year, who then are split into active members, required to work at least 55 hours per year; and provisional members, who must work 45 hours per year. Additional associate members helped Junior Board log a total of more than 4,500 volunteer hours this year alone! While members do have requirements that need to be met, members see the benefits of the hard work in the community and find it to be so rewarding.

"It requires a lot of hours. For the most partall of us have full-time jobs and families but you really see the benefits of what you do in the community and that's so rewarding."

- Beth Behrends

Aunan, Amanda

Axup, Arlene

Beierlein, Christine

Ducey, Kelly

Essman, Mary

Galvin, Carmen

Gant, Gail

Gass, Kim

Haskill, Allison

Heber, Julie

House, Kelly

Iams, Jill

Jacobs, Andrea

Johnson, Charlotte

Knary, Felicia

Liddell, Sarah

Lough, Donna

Love, Brandi

Maynard, Lisa

McGuire, Carrie

Milas, Roberta

Moran, Lori

Movva, Swetha

Powell, Kelly

Pressly, Kim

Pressly, Sarah

Pulley, Kathy

Sharer, Jennie

Showalter, Shellee

Sierra, Laura

Smith, Carrie

Smith, Kim

Thatcher, Leanna

Thompson, Allison

Tidwell, Mandi

Trimble, Amy

Trimble, Jennifer

Tweet, Anjel

Villarreal, Amy

Vroman, Maura

Wendt, Eileen

Wynn, Sara

Behrends, Beth

Cady, Barb

Martin, Kimberly

McGeehon, Heather

Teronez, Brooke

Timmer, Michelle

Bartels, Sarah

Gale, Brandi

Gunn, Tiffany

Honert, Lindsey

Mosley, Amy

Oswald, Lynsy

Otten, Bridget

Perez, Brittney

Tholl, Erica

Washburn, Jessica

Winter, Courtney