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The Junior Board of Rock Island
P.O. Box 6041
Rock Island, IL 61204-6041

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President: Amanda Aunan
Vice President: MaryAnn Halpin
Recording Secretary: Lynnann Cook
Corresponding Secretary: Shellee Showalter
Treasurer: Brandi Gale
Mardi Gras Co-Chair: Bridget Otten
Mardi Gras Co-Chair: Brittney Perez
Arrangements Co-Chair: Beth Behrends
Arrangements Co-Chair: Carrie McGuire
Fundraising Co-Chair: Nikki Kupresin
Fundraising Co-Chair: Katie Irwin
Community Liaison: Caitln Doherty
Advisor: Emily Allen

Emily Allen, Jackie Allgood, Amanda Aunan, Beth Behrends, Christine Beierlein, Amanda Carter, Lynnann Cook, Sara Cross, Joan Dean, Kara Dlouhy, Caitlin Doherty, Kristen Doonan, Mary Essman, Mara Fanello, Brandi Gale, Kim Gass, Michelle Greuel, MaryAnn Halpin, Cynthia Hampton, Michelle Heitz, Lindsey Honert, Kateri Hurley, Katie Hutchins, Jill Iams, Katie Irwin, Kathy Jones, Raegan Jones, Nikki Kupresin, Dawn Leischner, Sara McGinnis, Carrie McGuire, Lisa Milano, Toni Moore, Gretchen O'Brien, Lynsy Oswald, Bridget Otten, Brittney Perez, Lisa Requet, Shellee Showalter, Natalie Sottos, Amy Trimble, Jennifer Trimble, Lauren VanSpeybroeck, Maura Warner, Courtney Winter, Allison Wright

Our general membership is limited to 55 people each year, who then are split into active members, required to work at least 50 hours per year; and provisional members, who must work 40 hours per year. Additional associate members help Junior Board log on average a total of more than 4,500 volunteer hours each year! Seeing how Junior Board of Rock Island benefits their community makes all the hours worth it; it’s truly so rewarding. We would also like to thank the past and present Sustainers for their faithful contributions, without you we could not be the wonderful women’s organization we are today. 

Marla Andich, Marsha Piehl Ash, Britt Bartels, Julie Blew, Tara Blondell, Mary Boehm, Andrea Sue Boeye, Fiona Briggs, Barbara Cady, Kay Coin, Lili Darrow, Patti DeLeu, Lori Diamond, Kelly Ducey, Lois Gannon, Toni Gasper, Tracey Gowdy, Allison Haskill, Kitty Hillyer, Pat Hodge, Kelly House, Nancy Hultquist, Carol , ohnson, Charlotte Johnson, Anne Kirkpatrick, Felicia Knary, Kate Laver, Beverly Lelonek, Kathy Lelonek, Brandi Love, Jo Ellen Maurus, Sue McDevitt, Geralyn McEvoy, Heather McGeehon, Sylvia Mihm, Mary , ilas, Roberta Milas, Gina Miller, Sharon Mosenfelder, Sue Murphy, Joan Noe,. Karol Oelschlaeger, Jayne , earson, Karen Phillips, Sarah Pressly, Kathy Pulley, Bronwen Richards, Diana Robinson, McKenzie , oessler, Sue Scally, Cindy Schmitt, Jennifer Sharer, Cosette Shrader, Carmen Schram, Laura Sierra, Amber Soucinek, Kim Stickell, Nancy Taber, Erica Tholl, Sally Thompson, Michelle Timmer, Janice Tutsky, Anjel Tweet, Kym Vandygriff, Amy Villarreal, Maura Vroman, Erica Williams, Sara Wynn, Nina Zeglin

"It requires a lot of hours. For the most part all of us have full-time jobs and families but you really see the benefits of what you do in the community and that's so rewarding." - Beth Behrends (member since 2003)

Prior Mardi Gras News

QC Times (March 6, 2022) - Junior Board of Rock Island names Gary Rowe as Mardi Gras King, and Nancy Hultquist as Mardi Gras Queen
QC Times (Jan 30, 2022) - 83rd Annual Mardi Gras Charity Ball set for Feb. 26